A multi-function beauty instrument that will provide several of the latest skin care technologies all in one device.  EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)/Sonic Micro-Vibration/LED Blue Light/LED Red Light/Hot-Cold Compress.

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The EMS, Hot/Cool, LED, Sonic Vibration Skin Care Device is a multi-function beauty instrument that will provide several of the latest technologies for your skin care routine all in one tool.


  • EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) micro-current is used to activate the skin cell, stimulating rejuvenation of collagen, to improve skin elasticity, soften wrinkles and leave skin looking smooth and healthy.
  • Sonic Micro-vibration Technology causes skin cell vibration, producing a gentle massage effect, aiding in deep cleansing, eliminating skin fatigue, and skincare product absorption.  This also helps improve the circulation of local blood and lymph fluid and enhances cell permeability.
  • LED Blue Light is effective for diminishing inflammation and acne, killing bacteria, shrinking pores, and regulating the balance of water and oil secreted by the skin, reducing the formation of shiny surfaces and acne.  Suitable for oily skin.  Wavelength 460-480 nm.
  • LED Red Light promotes blood circulation and collagen regeneration, increases skin elasticity, improves skin condition by achieving anti-oxidant and repairing effects.  Suitable for dry, slack, or wrinkly skin.  Wavelength 610-630 nm.
  • Hot and Cold Compress:  Gentle heating helps to open pores and soften the stratum corneum of the skin, then refrigeration shrinks pores and locks in nutritional moisture.  Alternating hot and cold skin treatment stimulates the liquid circulation to the bottom of the skin and speeds up the metabolism of the cells.  Besides effectively reducing the elimination of eye circles and eye lines, it also brightens the skin.

Combining hot/cold compress treatment with sonic micro-vibration is beneficial for enhancing skin firmness and relieving fatigue.

5 Modes, 3 Gears:

  1. Clean Mode: Deep cleansing to warm and open the pores
  2. Cool Mode: Shrink pores and lock in skin moisture
  3. EMS Lifting Mode: Stimulate muscles and make skin more energetic and elastic
  4. Moisturizing Mode: Promote double absorption of skin care products
  5. Collagen Synthesis Mode: Cool with EMS to lock in nutrition and stimulate skin cells

Select Red or Blue light for added benefits on each mode.

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